Officers & Positions of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois

President The incumbent Governor of Illinois is the President of the Academy.

Chancellor The Chancellor is the principal executive officer of the Academy. He or she and the other officers, except for the President, are elected by the Regents and serve four-year terms.

Vice-Chancellor The Vice-Chancellor shall, in the absence of the Chancellor, perform his or her duties.

Executive Director The Executive Director shall be the principal administrative officer and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President, the Chancellor or the Board of Regents.

Treasurer The Treasurer administers the financial matters of the Academy.

Secretary The Secretary certifies all minutes of the meetings of the Academy.

Regents for Life At the discretion of the Regents, a former Governor may be elected a Regent for Life, in recognition of distinguished service to the Academy.

Regents Eighteen Regents comprise the Board of Directors of the Academy. Regents are Trustees elected by their fellow Trustees to serve six-year terms on the Board. The Regents set Academy policies to be implemented by the Chancellor, fill vacancies on the Board of Regents from the Trustees and oversee the affairs of the Academy.

Emeritus Members A former Regent or a former General Trustee or a former Rector who has served in office for ten years or more may, at the discretion of the General Trustees, be declared a Regent Emeritus or a General Trustee Emeritus or a Rector Emeritus in recognition of particularly distinguished service to the Academy.

Trustees There are three types of Trustees:

General Trustees – Of the sixty General Trustees, twenty are appointed by the President of the Academy or by the current Trustees every two years. They serve six year terms.

Academic Trustees The Academic Trustees are the chief executive officers of all degree-granting institutions of higher learning in the State of Illinois, plus the presidents of multi-campus four year institutions and a representative of the Illinois Community College Board which offer a course of instruction leading to an academic or professional degree upon completion of a four-year course of instruction.

Rectors The Rectors of the ten categories of endeavor serve as Trustees ex officio.