The Lincoln Laureates Podcast Welcomes Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall

Globally Renowned Educator is Credited with Helping Shape the Re-imagination and Re-design of Learning

Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Founding President and President Emerita of the internationally recognized Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, is the latest Lincoln Laureate to be featured in the inaugural season of the podcast series, The Lincoln Laureates.

Created to spotlight those individuals bestowed with the Order of Lincoln in recognizing their contribution to the betterment of society (Marshall received the award in 2005), The Lincoln Laureates podcast captures conversations between select Lincoln Laureates and award-winning journalists. For this episode, retired ABC -Network Television News veteran Chris Bury leads the discussion.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Long Island, Dr. Marshall‘s first teaching experience brought her to Alsip, Illinois where she taught elementary and junior high school. Ten years of educational administration, including as a Superintendent of Schools, followed, before she was asked to design and lead the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

“Mind-shaping is world-shaping” said Marshall, whose philosophy of education and leadership were influenced by, among others, Dr. Margaret Wheatley and Dr. Howard Gardner. “The learning conditions we immerse our children in, by design, will shape their minds, and their minds will shape our world. There is an inextricable connection between the future of learning and the future of humanity.”

Promoted across the Lincoln Academy of Illinois’ social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on the Academy website, The Lincoln Laureates podcast is available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, with streaming available through the Tunein App and via voice command. Producers of the episode featuring Dr. Marshall promise listeners they will get lifelong lessons in listening.

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