Rectors of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois

The Rectors nominate potential Laureates from their respective fields of endeavor.

Arts & The Performing Arts

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    Robert A. "Arthur" Falls

    RectorRector of The Arts and Performing Arts

    TitleArtistic Director

    Home City and StateEvanston, IL


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    Dan Kelley

    RectorRector of Agriculture

    Home City and StateNormal, IL

Business, Industry & Communication

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    James O'Connor

    RectorRector of Business Industry and Communication

    TitleChairman & CEO Unicom Corporation & Commonwealth Edison, retired

    Home City and StateChicago, IL


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    Dr. Samuel Goldman

    RectorRector of Education

    TitleProfessor Emeritus & Chancellor Emeritus

    Home City and StateCarbondale, IL

Government & Law

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    The Honorable Anne M. Burke

    RectorRector of Government and Law

    TitleIllinois Supreme Court Justice, 1st Dist.

    Home City and StateChicago, IL


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    Jorge Ramirez

    RectorRector of Labor

    TitleManaging Director & Labor Strategies, GCM Grosvenor

    Home City and StateChicago, IL

Medicine & Science


Social Services


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    Ryne Sandberg

    RectorRector of Sports

    Home City and StateLake Bluff, IL