List of All Members of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois

The Honorable JB Pritzker, President
The Honorable Ron Spears, Chancellor †
Todd Shapiro, Vice Chancellor
Ethel Holladay, Secretary †
Graham Grady, Treasurer †
Leanne Barnhart, Executive Director †

Regents for Life
The Honorable Bruce Rauner
The Honorable Pat Quinn
The Honorable Jim Edgar
The Honorable George H. Ryan

Frank Clark †
Margaret A. “Meg” Cline, CFA, CFP
Jane Denes †
George J. Dohrmann, MD, PhD
Andrea O. Hasten †
Dennis Lyle †
Stephanie Pace Marshall, PhD †
Lester H. McKeever, Jr. †
Alexandra “Zan” Ransburg †
Doug Stewart †
Donald R. Tracy †
Eric Trimble †
Dia S. Weil †
– And the Officers

† Sustaining Member

Former Chancellors of the Academy
Michael Butler, Chicago (1965 – 1969)
Robert Bone, Bloomington (1969 – 1971)
William K. Alderfor, Chicago (1971 – 1975)
Thomas R. Mulroy, Chicago (1975 – 1979)
Marshall L. Burman, Chicago, (1979 – 1985)
John Trutter, Chicago (1985 – 2001)
John B. Simon, Chicago (2001 – 2010)
Thomas S. Johnson (2010 – 2014)
William Bennett, Chancellor (2014 – 2016)
Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall (2016 – 2019)
Frank Clark (2019 – 2022)

General Trustees
Joy Boruff
Caralynn Nowinski Collens, MD †
Marlene Dietz †
Robert A. Easter, PhD
John Freitag
J’Tia Hart, PhD
Roger D. Herrin, MD †
Larry R. Jones, MD †
Julie A. Kellner †
Howard A. Learner †
Shirley R. Madigan †
Jessica Malkin
Claire Manning †
Lucyna Migala
Delmer R. Mitchell
Lucy Moog
Harold Oakley †
Maria del Socorro Pesqueira †
Joseph A. Power, Jr. †
Ronald Rabjohns, MD †
Darryl W. Rodgers
Shirley W. Ryan †
Linda Schielke, EdD †
Marc S.  Schulman
Smita Shah, PE, LEED, AP, BD&C
Mark Slaby †
Scott Sullivan †
Dana Withers
– And the Regents

Vacant, Arts and the Performing Arts
Dan Kelley, Agriculture
Michelle L. Collins, Business, Industry and Communication
Larry H. Dietz, PhD, Education
The Honorable Anne M. Burke, Government and Law
Jorge Ramirez, Labor
Helen Morrison, MD, MJ, DFAACAP, Medicine and Science
Vacant, Religion
Ricardo Estrada, Social Services
Ryne Sandberg, Sports

Emeritus Members
Peter C. Alexander
The Honorable Peter B. Bensinger
Michael Butler
The Reverend Stanley L. Davis, Jr.
James G. Gidwitz
Robert J. Lenz
Bruce Wirtz MacArthur
The Honorable Richard Mills
James O’Connor, Emeritus Rector for Life
Gayl S. Pyatt
William E. Shaw
Courtney C. Shea
The Honorable John B. Simon, Chancellor Emeritus
Wayne C. Temple, PhD
The Honorable Ernest “Ernie” R. Wish