Connor McGury was awarded the Abraham Lincoln Civic Engagement Award on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in the Hall of Representatives in the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. He is a Student Laureate in the 43rd Annual Convocation and Investiture of Student Laureates. His academic and extracurricular activities made him the choice of the North Central College for this prestigious annual award. It is presented to outstanding seniors at Illinois colleges and universities.

Connor’s recognition by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois was acknowledged on the North Central College website. He is president of the North Central College Student Governing Association, works for North Central College Coffee Lab, North Central College Enactus, and has served as a resident assistant for the Office of Residence Life.

Working with a former executive of Starbucks Coffee Company, Connor helped to launch an interdisciplinary coffee program, the North Central College Coffee Lab, on campus. The Coffee Lab partners with small coffee farmers in Guatemala to help them create a usable and sustainable business model. As part of this project, Connor and other students met with a leading coffee roaster manufacturer and proposed a plan to obtain a roaster for the campus. Connor’s skilled presentations to industry leaders helped create this new venture for the college. The goal is to have a roaster on campus by the fall semester of 2018.

As part of a group project in 2015, Connor created a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new wheelchair for a little boy in Maine. He also participated in the 2017 Chicago Marathon to raise money for Salute, Inc., a charity that helps veterans and their families.

You may find him on Linked In