47th Convocation & Investiture of Laureates

The Lincoln Academy of Illinois wishes to thank the following businesses and individuals for supporting the 47th Convocation and Investiture of Laureates

Convocation Sponsors

Grand Benefactor

Major Sponsors
The Atkins Group
The Carle Foundation
Fox Development Corporation
Stan and Judy Ikenberry
Jimmy John’s
Production Press, Inc.

Table Sponsors
Cozad Asset Management
Division of Intercollegiate Athletics
The Downey Group, Inc.
Henneman Engineering, Inc.
Horizon Hobby, Inc.
JSM Management, Inc.
Meyer Capel Law Firm
Mills Family Foundation
The News-Gazette, Inc.
Parkland College
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pyatt
Shea Family Foundation
University of Illinois Alumni Association
University of Illinois Foundation

Donations in Support of Laureates and the Convocation
Carol Lavin Bernick
Lawrence and Constance Bussard
Cullom Davis
Kevin and Linda Dorsey
James Edwards
Joanne Gehlbach – in memory of the Late John R. Gehlbach, Laureate of the Academy
Betty Hickey
Martin Hood Friese & Associates
Linda Hutson – in honor of Laureates Richard Gray and Mary Lackritz Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Inman – in memory of Nicholas Inman
Joseph Kirshner and Harry Rosenberg
Glenda and Larry Lane
Arthur and Suk Mann – in honor of Laureate Shahid Khan
Ed McMillan – in honor of Stanley and Judy Ikenberry
Peggy Montes – in honor of Laureate Shirley Madigan
James W. Montgomery
Dr. Richard H. Moy – in memory of the late Caryl T. Moy PhD, Laureate of the Academy
Arthur Nielson
Charles and Mary Roe
Gail Rost
Mrs. Paul Simon – in honor of Laureates Dawn Clark Netsch* and Shirley Madigan
Shirley Small Edwards
Joseph and LaVerne Smith – in honor of Laureate Timothy Nugent*
George and Marge Sodemann
Michele Thompson and Woods Bowman – in honor of Laureate Timothy Nugent*
J.G. and Susan Townsend
Cricket Trutter Hauff – in memory of the late John T. Trutter, Chancellor of the Academy
Janann Vance
Jim and Dena Vermette – in honor of Laureate Timothy Nugent*
Bruce and Megan Weber – in honor of Laureate Shahid Khan

* deceased

Photos courtesy of The News-Gazette, Inc.